Timeline gets messed

Had to add this section, because the timeline involving Jack Frost, and also the movie and the books is somehow hilarious.

Let’s start with Jack’s age. Joyce (who is one of executive producers of the movie) says that Jack Frost is 14 years old when he dies, so an immortal in 14 years old body. But on the other side if you have the ROTG app for ios or android, you get the information that he is 17 years old. Now the second age that makes us look strange is that the script says Jamie is 8 years old but in the artbook it’s said that he’s 10 years old. The question is which of those are true? Take the one you prefer, because the sources are actually all connected to the subject, so it can be both. I tend to take Joyce’s comments more to my heart, because he’s the creator of the characters.

And we shall pass at the timeline, it is said that the movie takes place 200 years after the books, and it’s in modern era (like 2012). Now, first it’s said that when Jack Frost is born, rising from the lake, it’s the early 1600, and we say ok. It could be. But when it’s in present time, they say that Jack is 300 years old, which… is a little strange, he should be 400. But then, on the statue of the founding of Burgess it’s written 1795…

Toothiana says she wasn’t on the field for over 400 years, but in the books she goes on the field, so…
I shall say that Bunnymund didn’t check well the time traveling thing, and let people, spirits and whatever wonder in the timeline. Because, looking at the years and dates just makes you have a huge headache.

In my opinion by how Jack is dressed and how the settling is placed it should actually be in the early 1600 or early 1700, I think the statue should be wrong, or maybe it's a typo and they meant 1695, which would be much better - Jack would be 300 years old and it would be actually happening in the later 1600. Because even if the movie is 200 before the books, doesn't mean that Jack wasn't already born when the novels happen, remember that the 5th novel isn't out yet, and it could be about Jack Frost.