Rise of the Guardians

The movie came out in November 2012, and it was made on the idea of the novels and picture books by William Joyce: Guardians of Childhood. Joyce was also one of the executive producers of the movie, so he could actually be there from the beginning and give his approval on the story or the changes they made to the characters.

Jack Frost is the main character of the movie, and the film actually starts with the sequence introducing him to life as spirit of winter, when he wakes up in the lake come out of it and finds out that he has the power of frost aside the ability to ride the wind. He also finds out that his name is Jack Frost, because the moon told him so and that he is invisible to the people.

In the Art of Rise of the Guardians it's said that they made Jack the protagonist, because while the Guardians were already well defined aside being the BIG four, Jack wasn't, aside being a "peripheral folkloric figure" and he could bring in the story what they needed: emotions.

Rise of the Guardians recasts him as an enigmatic adolescent with supernatural powers who doesn't know where he comes from or why he exists. Jack finds purpose during the course of the film when the four Guardians realize they need him to stop the film's villain, Pitch (aka the Boogeyman), and he is offered the chance to become the fifth Guardian. Still unsure of whom he is, Jack is hesitant to join them at first. He envies how children believe in the four Guardians, while they know nothing about him, his history, or his powers. These complicated feelings toward the Guardians reinforce certain identification with Pitch, providing the movie with a powerful premise for a coming-of-age story that has a poignant resolution
- p.17 in Art of Rise of the Guardians.