Frosty love

Be prepared for lot of babbling. Jack Frost is awesome. Well of course he is, I'm making a shrine for him, am I?

When I saw the trailer, before the movie came out, it was because of Jack Frost, that I decided to see it, ok a little also because of Easter Bunny.

The first reaction I have with Jack is, that if he was real I would hug the hell out of him and shower him with love; and all of stuff he missed in the lonely 300 years. I mean look at him, when he has that sad look that he tries to hide, he is like a puppy that looks at you while you are eating.

Aside, you see at how he interacts with other characters at how contact starved he is, he wants to deny it, but it's like that, he needs people around him, but he is doesn't know what to do, because helloooo 300 years in loneliness. Have you seen his reaction when Jamie hugs him?

Anyway, his solitude doesn't make me love him, it just makes me want to hug him forever. I love the characterization of this character, how they made him so "real", while he loves playing and fun and snow days, he has this darker side, he is far from perfect, and that's what I like. He makes mistakes, as any of us does, he tries hard to make friends, but then does something stupid and risks losing everything, and then he jumps on the wagon just to try and solve it, because he has friends now, and he needs to protect them; example with the Easter, - Jack's mostly hurt by Bunny's words and look, because he already was seeing Bunnymund as his friend; so when time comes, Jack makes Jamie believe in Easter Bunny not Tooth or North.

This character is so complex, that every time I re-watch the movie I find some new aspects that make me love him. You know small quirks, how he moves, and then sarcastic comments, and his bickering with Bunny and using sarcasm, but in the end he is so full of love and doesn't know how to share it.

Jack Frost is really a character which will stay with me for a long time, especially if one day I'll have children.