Guardians of Childhood

Jack Frost does not appear in the novels (at least not yet), while he does have a cameo in one of the picture books - The Man in The Moon, there is a drawing at the beginning - that you can see on your left.

Now you wonder why did I make a Guardians of Childhood section? Well simply because it matters, in the end it's possible that he will appear in it, because in the presentation of the 3rd novel it's said he should appear in the 4th - probably again as cameo, and because the 5th and last novel haven't come out yet, and there he could be, if not a whole book for him, maybe his birth.

But the main reason is because I have a section which is dedicated to Nightlight, who is also an immortal boy, who loves to have fun, and that means we have to tackle at least one part of the book series, Nightlight in the end it's an important character, who appears from the beginning, he's the one who managed to keep Pitch imprisoned for centuries.

Anyway William Joyce is planning on having 8 picture books, two of them are already out (One for Mim and one for Sandy) and 5 novels, which 4 are already in stores (I own them) and fifth is for the preorder.