Joyful Sound

Jack Frost is Pine’s debut in the voice acting; he is the first one he did. Anyway Chris Pine today is mostly known for his role as James T. Kirk in the remake of the iconic Star Trek, but he had also other interesting roles, like Princess Diaries 2.

In an interview for Huffington post he says: I guess so, it's like `Avengers' for kids. It's every character that you knew from growing up – from Santa Claus to Sandman to the Tooth Fairy to the Easter Bunny – all brought together as this fantastic crime-fighting team. -

And in that same article, he also admits that as a child he was actually afraid of the Boogeyman, maybe being Jack Frost helped him overcome his fears?

Anyway Chris Pine was born on 26th August 1980 (aww, he is 4 months older than me) in Los Angeles. He has a bachelor’s degree in English from Barkley, he also studied a year at the University of Leeds in UK.

One thing that seems that people complain about is that his voice is too deep. I think it’s not true, if his time was stopped at 14, when it’s also the time when boys go thru mutations, and one of those is voice, it’s acceptable that it stayed like that. I mean when my brother around that age begun changing his voice, it was almost scary at how deep it was.