Basics and Appearance

Name: Jackson Overland (human), Jack Frost (spirit)
Age: 14 (said by Joyce), 17 (said by RotG app) (human), over 300 (spirit)
Hair: brown (human), white (spirit)
Eyes: brown (human), blue (spirit)
Place of birth: Burgess

Human appearance:
As human, Jackson was a cute guy with brown hair and brown eyes. His clothing consisted, at what I presume, was the type of colonial clothing. The white shirt and brown pants tied around the ankles all to his knees. He seems to have some kind of mini cloak to protect him from cold, but he still seems not wearing any shoes.

Spirit appearance:
As winter spirit, his hair color changes to snow white while his eyes become sparkling azure. At the beginning of the movie, he has the same clothes as he had as human, but then 300 years later he is introduced with a blue hoodie, that has frost around the shoulders and neck. It seems that he hasn’t changed the pants, because they are the same dark brown pants tied from knees to ankles. He also keeps going barefoot and in his hand he keeps his staff.