The Power of Snow

Jack has powers and all of them are related to cold and winter.

1. Winter magic – it’s what it’s said, Jack is able to frost and freeze stuff, he is able to make snow, and during the movie he learns another power that is ice bolts (against Pitch). It’s shown that he uses his staff to channel the power, but then when Pitch breaks it, he manages to channel his power differently as to repair it. His whole person is magic, when he walks there behind him it’s a trail of frost, and then on the windows he can do interesting motives, and uses his winter magic to make the bunny he draw on Jamie’s window come to life; part of this are also his snowballs and everything .

2. Flying – he flies, it’s unknown if he actually can float without the wind, but the fact is that the wind is there and helps him whenever he calls for it, making him fly around with the speed the winter sprite desires

3. Magic of Fun – using snow (snowflakes or snowballs), he is able to make the person/creature he hits with it feel the fun, joy and laughter. Those who are hit begin laughing and having fun. He used the snowflake of fun with Bunnymund to make him become friends with Sophie, and he used at the beginning of the movie, a snowball to help Cupcake becoming friends with Jamie’s group.

4. Free running – not as good as Bunnymund, but when it comes to running Jack is fast and agile, he is able to move across the rooftops, or in traffic and similar without problem. (Example is when he makes Jamie ride his sled thru the whole town.)

5. The Staff – Everyone needs an artifact to control their own power, Jack thought that his powers came from the staff, but he got proven wrong after Pitch broke it, and he had to repair it with his magic, showing that the staff is just an amplifier for his powers.